I love buying books, hence my bookshelf of 105 books. Despite running out of room, I continue to buy new books. To reach my goal of reading 3,000 pages over the summer, and keep my bookshelf from overflowing, these are the only books I’m allowing myself to buy over the summer.


First up, this incredible Astronomy textbook from Strand Books in NYC. Usually this textbook costs at least $50, but I found it for $15. I’ve already started reading through it and taking notes, and I love it.


Also from Strand Books, this book by Lisa Randall is so cool. I love reading books like this, explaining weird phenomena or suggesting new theories.


This is such a cool book, also from Strand Books. It essentially explains the laws of physics in a way that the typical human can understand. It really helps me visualize physics concepts better than my actual textbook can.


As is typical from books by Stephen Hawking, I can’t understand this book. But, nevertheless, it’s really cool to read. This one is about quantum physics (I think), and other concepts.


When I was checking out at Barnes & Noble, the cashier saw this book and called me a nerd. I know it’s super weird, but hear me out. Reading books in a language that you are learning can help so much. Think about it like this: the more books you read in English, the better your English vocabulary and sentence structure is. The same goes for any other language!


I love these Barnes & Noble Classics. They always have the best covers and the pages have silver or gold edges! I saw this book, and for some reason my sister told me it was science fiction (liar). Now I’m annoyed and I want my money back, but if you like horror fiction feel free to read it!


Thanks for reading! Share what books you are reading in the comments!



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