What to Pack for: NYC

I had the incredible joy of going to New York City with my grandma and aunt last week. My aunt Laurie lives in the city, so we got a really cool view of the city, and one that we wouldn’t have gotten as a general tourist.

My aunt, having an apartment the size of a postage stamp, she requested that we pack as little as possible. Incredibly, I fit a week’s worth of clothes and stuff into a single backpack. As a notorious over-packer, that is an incredible accomplishment.

So, if you’re wondering what to pack, here is a good place to start.



I usually take a large bag as my carry on, packed with a laptop, several notebooks, and at least two books. Every time, I convince myself that I will use it on the plane ride, but I never do. I finally changed that this time around, only bringing a small cross body bag.

This cross body bag is from Gap, and has two huge pockets, as well as a smaller middle pocket.


For activities for the plane, I brought my Nook, my journal, as well as some stuff for summer assignments. Additionally, I brought some hand lotion, a few pens, and chapstick!




Outfit #1

• SHIRT: Target

• SHORTS: Old Navy

Outfit #2

• SHIRT: Nike

• SHORTS: LuLuLemon

Outfit #3

• SHIRT: handmade

• SHORTS: American Eagle

Outfit #4

• SHIRT: Old Navy

• SHORTS: Old Navy

Outfit #5

• SHIRT: Old Navy

• SHORTS: American Eagle


• SHIRT: J-Crew

• SHORTS: Old Navy

• SPORTS BRA: Old Navy



• SANDALS: Sam Edelman



• DARK GREY: Old Navy


• BAG: handmade

Because I was staying in my aunt’s apartment, she had a lot of the essentials. Therefore, I didn’t need to bring a lot. I brought: Cetaphil face wash, Dove deodorant, moisturizer, CVS baby sunscreen (no chemicals! try it!), Neutrogena acne face scrub, travel toothbrush, and Advil.

For makeup, I brought a few brushes, my beauty blender and an eyelash curler for tools. I also brought all the products for my daily makeup routine, but I’m going to do a daily makeup routine post so I won’t name all the products. You can probably figure them out by the picture!


• CHARGERS: for my Nook and phone

• MAP: A subway map my aunt gave me before our trip

• SUNGLASSES: Some random shelf at a drugstore (#cheap)

• NECKLACE: Kendra Scott

• NOT PICTURED: baseball cap from Old Navy (super important!)


Alright guys! That’s it for today’s post! I loved making it, and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Stay tuned for many more posts this summer!



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