Unpopular Opinions: Books

Hello! I saw a YouTube video for this tag (Unpopular Opinions Book tag), and thought it was kinda funny and kinda stupid, but why not!

A popular book/series that you don’t like

I really, really do not like Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Not because it glorifies suicide or whatever other reasons people are up in arms about it. I just thought it was a poorly written book, and it was incredibly boring. I actually want to watch the TV show because it seems like a much better format for the story.

A popular book/series that most people don’t like, but you love

I can’t think of a series that a lot of people hate, but I have heard a lot of people that don’t like the Divergent books. I really love these books. The last book isn’t great, but the first two were really cool and well written. The characters weren’t developed incredibly, but I wasn’t super unhappy with it. And, the whole idea behind the books is so interesting and creative!

A love triangle where the main character didn’t end up with the person you wanted them to

This one is easy: Hunger Games. I still think Katniss should’ve ended up with Gale!

A popular book/series that you have no interest in reading

I guess I have no interest in reading your typical ‘teen’ books. Basically, no romance. No Sarah Dessen, no John Green, nope.

What movie/tv adaptation do you like more than the book?

I prefer the Hunger Games movies over the books. Like with 13 Reasons Why, I just think it is a better format for the story. It is such a visual plot, so being able to see the arenas and all the characters interacting with each other visually makes it more enjoyable.


Thanks for reading! Leave answers to these questions down below in the comments!



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