TV Show Review: The Man in the High Castle

TV has to be one of mankind’s greatest creations. While it’s a bad habit, I usually have some show playing in the background to break the silence. The latest show has been The Man in the High Castle. I started watching it after my history teacher recommended it while learning about World War II. Basically, it’s a ‘what if’ kinda show: what life would be like if the Nazis won the war.

America is divided between the Japanese and the Germans, with a  neutral zone in-between. The show centers around two people, one from the Japanese side and one from the German, as they attempt to resist against their oppressive governments. Its super interesting from a history standpoint, but also keeps you invested in the characters.

My favorite part is just seeing daily life: the propaganda that is engrained in the Nazi citizens, the horrible prejudice and treatment of Americans living in the Japanese side. The Nazi side appears to be nicer, and citizens seem happier, but they are corrupted by the widespread propaganda. Their happiness is fake.

Anyways, this show is incredibly interesting, and I highly recommend that you watch it! Let me know what you think in the comments!



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