BOOK REVIEW: The Humans by Matt Haig

Happy Friday! I’ve got another book review for you! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of book reviews. I think it’s cool to see what other people think about books, before or after you’ve read them.

I was shopping for books at Barnes and Noble, and discovered this gem in the clearance section. It is just about one of the best books I’ve every read. It’s incredibly insightful, and made me laugh on every page.


Let’s start with the insightful part. The Humans is a novel about an alien that comes to Earth on behalf of his own race, and makes judgments on humanity. I thought this was a really interesting way to see humanity from an outside perspective. It really makes you think about humanity, and the incredibly odd proclivities of it.

As for the comedic, Matt Haig balanced the gravity of humanity with some great comedy. Because everyone’s sense of humor is different, I might be the only one who found it funny, but nevertheless, I did laugh.

Overall, this book was very good. I definitely recommend it, especially as a book-club book. It has a lot of really good discussions, and I think everyone’s different opinions could provide you with even more insight on humanity.

Thanks for reading!



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