I am an extremely dedicated student. Academics mean absolutely everything to me, so my note-taking techniques have to keep up with me. I have read many blog posts on how other people take their notes, so I thought I’d share  my technique. Remember, everyone takes notes differently, so keep experimenting until you find something that works for you.

For each of my classes, my note-taking varies slightly. I only have three classes that I take notes in: Algebra 2, AP European History, and Chemistry.

I only use three writing utensils: Pilot G2 0.5 pens, a pencil, and Crayola fine-line markers. Nothing fancy, no water colors, no Instagram calligraphy pens. It makes it easy to take notes in class.


Algebra 2

Let’s start with Algebra. I have a lot of notes to take in a short time, so I try to keep it simple. For each chapter, I use one color for titles. For example, right now we are learning chapter 7, so all my notes for this chapter will be in the color orange.


I use clouds and squares to differentiate between subtopics. It works very well for me to section off subjects on the page so they separate in brain. For new terms or subtitles I write them in pencil, then go over it with marker. That pretty much sums it up for Algebra.

AP European History


I dislike European History very much. My teacher is very bad, so we rarely take notes. When we do, I try to focus on writing down as much as I can. I go with the very sectioned off format, but I use brackets like the one above to do it. Stars are again my bullet points for important things. I also try to get fancy with my titles.


Here is another example of my notes. I think it’s very helpful to go over subtitles in thin marker as opposed to a highlighter. I also recommend using pen because it is much easier to read when you’re studying.



Chemistry is where the real fun happens. Chem is by far my favorite class. My teacher is awesome, and I simply love science. I get the hang of the topics pretty quick, so I have time to fancy up my notes a bit. My favorite thing to do is add fun titles. I go for a half boxed-in format. For example, I started by explaining the basics of the three gas laws. Then, when we started the notes on Boyle’s Law, I started boxing it off. For the next gas law, I would leave it unboxed, etc.

Thanks for reading!



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