A while ago, I did  a review on a book called Leaving Earth. That book has several other sequels, all part of a series called The Galahad Archives. Because the books were good, I thought I’d follow up.

Just to let you know, each of these books contains two smaller books within it. For example. ‘Leaving Earth’ contains The Comet’s Curse and The Web of Titan.

I’d like to start off by saying that these books are meant for younger readers. while I love the general ideas of the books, they don’t really delve into the important subjects. Overall, the books seem very ‘shallow.’

Another issue: throughout the entire series, the writer  juggles between relationships. Which is fine, because it’s a starship full of teenagers, it is bound to happen. However, he did not resolve a single one of these relationships. The last book left me wondering: who did he/she end up with? Never a good way to end a series.

Last issue I promise. Book writers really need to stope getting lazy at the end of their books. You can’t just build up an event for six books, then end it right before you get to that event! Not cool!


Now onto the good things. I really love the unique perspective on aliens. Because it is likely that intelligent life will not look anything like a human, and may not even be carbon-based. I was very impressed with the diversity of alien life in this book. Even more impressed than I am with Star Trek’s aliens.

Another thing I really liked about the books were how realistic they were. While I didn’t always like the decisions some of the characters made, I do admit that they were extremely realistic. The writer did a good job of showing the realistic emotions, concerns, and actions of teenagers in their situation. Very very good.


Although there was one more con than pro, I did really enjoy these books. Ir was definitely worth reading, especially if you are interested in space. It gave me a new, realistic perspective on the future of space travel.


Thanks for reading!



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