This past weekend, I had the lovely opportunity to go to the lake with a friend and her mom. It was very very relaxing, and was a much needed break. Because it was still too cold to swim, we hiked, went to flea markets, and an outlet mall. I got a few things while there, and thought I’d share.

First off, I found few nice things from a flea market in a small town on the way to the lake. The first one we went into smelled so strongly of cigarette smoke that I had to breathe in through my shirt. However the second one had much cleaner air. The first thing I saw when I walked in were some Star Trek novels. I love these books, so I got four. They were only a dollar per book.


I also managed to find this really nice windbreaker in my school’s color. It is many sizes too big, but it will be perfect for football games and track meets. It has a fleece-like lining so it’s super warm. Also, it was only six dollars.


On too the outlet malls. Outlet malls are so incredible. Go on a weekend with a sale and it’s even better. First, I got a Nike t-shirt for five dollars. Five dollars! It was originally thirty, but due to the outlet, clearance, and a President’s Day sale it was down to five. It is also a shirt I’ve wanted for several months now, so what a great deal.


Finally, at Gap, I got this very cute bag. It is the most beautiful blue color, but is a terrible fake suede fabric. It doesn’t feel that good on your skin, but definitely feels well made. I got it for twelve dollars too, which is not too shabby.


The bag has two huge pockets, and one smaller center pocket. I have a couple bags similar to this, but neither have this much space.


Well, I did say it was a small haul. Although it was little, I really enjoy all the items, and it cost me very very little. I hope you all enjoyed! look forward to new posts soon!



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