I made a quilt! I have been working on this for months-it was my winter project-but I just spent two days (dawn till dusk) working on it. And it is finally finished.

You can’t imagine the pride that washed over me as I held it up in front of the mirror. It felt really good to have made something like that.

It was a patchwork quilt, meaning I made about 150 squares that were made up of smaller pieces of fabric.


I decided not to put batting in between the layers, because I prefer lighter weight blankets. For the back of the quilt, I used a queen sized bed sheet from Savers. In fact, half of the fabric in this quilt were bed sheets from savers. It’s a very cheap way to get a lot of fabric. It only cost me thirty dollars, and only used half of the sheets.

With the other half of the sheets, I’ll be making another blanket, this one with batting. I have a sort of lounge room in my house, and having these blankets when watching movies will be nice.

Thanks for reading! ❤



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