I love space. Space books, space movies, space shoes, space people. Everything about it fascinates me. My dream job: astrophysicist. More realistic option: astronomer. I hope to eventually reach that goal. For Christmas, my parents were incredibly amazing, and got me a really nice Newtonian reflector telescope. Incredible.


Every night since then, I have been outside, in the bitter cold, admiring the sky. I wish I could convey, in words, what it feels like, that fascination. It fills me with joy.

I went to the Half Price bookstore and got some cheap astronomy books to help me. It all ended up being less than thirty dollars, and most of them are in good condition.

First up, Celestron Sky Maps. I got a Celestron telescope, so this was perfect. Only problem: this book was made in 1972. Not the most up-to-date manual. It has a super handy chart for finding planets, but it only goes up to 1998.


I got two books titles Stars and Planets. The one on the left has many handy constellation charts and season-by-season sky maps. The other has short descriptions of every planet and constellation in the night sky.

This was the first one. It’s by Giles Sparrow. It won’t help a lot with actually viewing the sky, but it has really great information all compiled into one paragraph. That’s hard to find  on the internet.

The second one was written by astronomer Sir Patrick Moore. This one, like the last on on this post, is sort of an astronomer’s almanac.

Another cool book is The Star Book. It is mostly stars, but it also has longer descriptions about constellations and how to use telescopes.

Lastly, I have a very cool, all-inclusive telescope manual/star chart/universe almanac. It also has a spiral closure, which is extremely handy when you are outside. Like the Sir Patrick Moore book, it has lots of information about different types of telescopes, sky charts for different seasons, and stars.



Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful day!





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