I have forever been an incredible Harry Potter fan. Not as much as, say, Star Trek, but nothing could every compete for my love for Trek. With another harry potter film being released, my appreciation for hp was reignited. My friend and I are having a Harry Potter themed Christmas party soon, so I decided to make my own wand.

I know there are a million tutorials on pinterest, but I thought I’d give my own personal (and realistic) take on it.

Here are the materials:


  1. chopsticks
  2. sharpie
  3. x-acto knife
  4. pointy tool thing
  5. tweezers/forceps (not necessary, but helpful for different designs)
  6. glue gun
  7. super glue
  8. paint/paintbrushes
  9. school or tacky glue

So first, I grabbed a set of chopsticks from my utensils drawer. I cut one into a couple pieces and superglued (this works terribly, I would use wood glue) them to the full length chopstick until it was as long as I desired.

Being a supergeek, I made mine exactly as long as my potter more wand (10 inches). I also used sharpie to draw a simple design.


Then, I started making my wand handle. I covered part lower part of the wand with hot glue as smooth as I could make it. then, one it was cool enough to touch, I molded the glue to my hand shape.

Then, I used hot glue to form that design I mapped out earlier. I also added a large ball of glue to the end-ish area so that the wand would have better weight.


Finally, I painted the wand with acrylic paint.



Finally, one it was dry, I mixed together water and tacky glue. It ended being about a 1:1 ratio. I painted over the wand, being very delicate so I didn’t remove any paint. Don’t be afraid to really pack it on.

And that’s it! This does take a while, so don’t expect to finish in a couple hours. But I really love how personalized it is, and feels like a real wand. Expect more harry potter diys in the future as this party grows closer!



Thank you for reading!


xoxo, claire



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