Hello friends ♥ I go back to school in just five days (nooooooooooo) It really, really sucks, but the jitters are starting to go away and I’m actually excited. One of the biggest things I wanted to do this school year was find my personal ‘style.’

In the past years, I have really just worn whatever I want. I have no problem with that, but I find myself wanting to describe my style, and being at loss for words. I didn’t completely reinvent my wardrobe, but i did get a few things to start.

Sorry, this won’t be a very long haul, but i did want to show you guys this stuff.

relaxed tee

This i probably the most boring thing I could start with, but I really wanted a greay t-shirt. This is a shorter, relaxed, crew-neck tee from Old Navy. It looks really cute with shorts or rolled up jeans.

couldn’t find this link, sorry!


I have this black and white striped shirt from Gap that I wear way too often. I saw that the style of shirt was on sale, so I went ahead and got a blood orange and blue one too. i already have worn them too much! They fit very nicely and are the perfect length.

swing dress (no longer available in this pattern)

So I got this a little while ago, but I still thought it was worth putting in here. I got this from urban outfitters in June, and wore it a couple times in Washington D.C. I love dressing it up with my black lace up heels (fav shoes post), or dressing it down with Birkenstocks. The print is fabulous and simple and busy all at the same time!

denim shirt jacket

New favorite jacket? I think yes. This is a denim jacket from Old Navy. I love the style of bigger denim jacket, but the normal style of denim jacket has very broad shoulders. I do NOT have very broad shoulders, so they end up just looking bad. This one is different, but it still has a very loose fit. It also has a cool wash on it. (please ignore this really terrible description of this jacket)

couldn’t find this link either, sorry!


This bag is so so so cute. I already have a coach shoulder bag that was my moms from the nineties, but its pretty causal. I saw this at forever 21 for only $20, so I thought that was pretty darn good. It has an adorable tassle and an adjustable strap too.


This is definitely a good start in my style journey. I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

xoxo, claire ♥



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