Hello friends ♥! School is approaching ( I only have a week left of summer). While it makes me so so sad, and I feel super rushed all of the sudden, I am pretty excited to see all my friends and start up learning again.

Today I have a DIY planner for you ~ I’ve always been a fan of planners, ever since my 7th grade communications teacher, Mrs. Lampton, practically shoved our district-provided planner down our throats. (btw this could also be used as the front of a journal, folder, binder, etc.)


I saw a lot of different planners at target, but none really suited my fancy. I saw this five star planner with a clear folder front so you can personalize it. It also is as big as a spiral notebook, and very plain on the inside.

For this diy you will need:

  • Five-Star white clear front planner
  • watercolor paper
  • paintbrush
  • watercolors




I always envied how some people could make these super cool forest watercolors. I never imagined I could actually do one myself. But I just went outside, and painted some of the plants in my backyard, and here you go!



Although I hate watermelon, I love the look of them. For this one, I just painted slices of watermelon in all sorts of directions, with a full watermelon on each line. I really like the way it turned out, and its very simplistic. This could be really cute with oranges or avocados too!

things you love


This was one of my favorites to make. I just though of all the things that make me happy, and painted them. For an even more watercolor-y look, you could also paint the background with a pastel color or make an ombre. I just painted the little snippets on notecards and cut them out.


Thats it for this one! Let me know: do you guys want to see more crafts/diys ahead?

I recently read a post on how to gain a good following. It was written by one of my favorite bloggers on wordpress (Beaus and Bows). One of the tips was to write about what you love. I realized that I’ve done most of my posts for the interests of other people, instead of mine. So you might see some changes in the future to the content on my blog, but my passion for it is only growing stronger♥

xoxo, claire


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