Hello friends ♥! I am so so sorry for my inactiveness! I have no excuse, I was simply unmotivated. I think the stress and anticipation of school began to take its toll, but I think I’ve got a handle on it.

Anyways, I am finally back, and hopefully for good. I hope to start posting twice a week consistently , and I will do my best to stick to this schedule when school begins!

Today, I have a back to school makeup look, a.k.a. a n0-makeup-makeup-look. As if thats not confusing. I am in no way a makeup aficionado, I honestly have no idea what I’m doing sometimes!

Here we go!


So, clearly, you have to start out with a bare face. I also keep my hair back.


If i’m feeling it, I like to use concealer under my eyes, around my nose, and on any other places I have redness or blemishes. This is the Maybelline Fit-Me concealer in fair.   I then blend it in with a sponge.


Next I use a buffing brush to put some powder foundation on my face. My favorite one to use is the Neutrogena Mineral-Sheers powder foundation in natural ivory. Because this is usually the only face makeup I use, I prefer this one over a transparent powder.

(btw, the lighting changes after this, the sun disappeared on me!)


Next I use a spooly brush thing to brush out my eyebrows. Then I use a small concealer brush to fill them in with the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in blonde.

Then I use theUrban Decay Naked Basics palette on my eyes. I cover my lids in Stark and then put Frisk in the outer half o my eye. ( you literally can’t even tell the difference in these pictures )


Next, the obvious essential: curling my eyelashes.


Here comes the sun☀ Sometimes I add just a tad of mascara (Maybelline Great Lash mascara), and today was one of those days.


ignore the very bewildered look on my face. I then use a contour brush to add the  Benefit Hoola bronzer under my cheekbones, along the bottom of my face, up on my forehead, and around my nose.


finalmente, I put on some chapstick (Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness)

This is the completed look ! I have seen a lot of back to school makeup tutorials out there, but most involve a lot of product and a decent amount of skill, neither of which I have. I know that I would have a liked to have a simple look like this out there a year ago, so I thought I’d just make one myself!

I hope all you enjoyed! Follow me on Instagram (lifebyclairem) and leave any post requests below ( judging by my lack of posting, I clearly need them)

xoxo, claire ♥



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