Hello friends ♥. I’ve got a what’s in my bag/purse for you today. I got a new purse and I’ve been trying to carry one around more often. It really inspires me to actually do something during the day.

Anyways, lets get into it.


This bag is from forever 21. Super cheap and fairly good quality for the price. I love love love the tassle.

  1. First, I always carry around a small wallet. Its an ID case from Vera Bradley. It’s just big enough for my school ID and some cash.
  2. This next one isn’t necessary, but I really like to have it. It’s a portable charger. Mine has a flamingo print on it.
  3. As I am incredibly OCD about my hands being moisturized, I must always carry around lotion.
  4. And finally, I of course carry my phone.This bag is super super small , and my iPhone 6s barely fits, but I try.

Thanks so much for reading! More posts to come! Let me know what you’d like to see.

xoxo, Claire ♥


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