My hair has undergone quite the journey. It went from an extremely fine and thin lob type thing, to a thicker bob in a matter of months.

Now I’m growing it out again, so it’s quite important for me to take care of my hair.

I usually have to wash my hair everyday. Its very fine, and gets pretty oily after only 12 hours. This creates a problem, because I also want to thicken my hair. To combat this, I use two shampoos, and switch off every month or so.

The first shampoo is a bit odd, but I’m sure you’ve heard of it.


Yes, this is horse shampoo. But I have to say: it works wonders on my hair. It has definitely thickened it, and makes it super shiny and soft. I always shampoo my hair first, then apply the conditioner so that I can leave it in while I wash my body/shave.


This shampoo is fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. I’ve been using it for a couple years now, but it’s a salon brand (a.k.a. ridiculously expensive). For that reason, I can’t use it as often as I’d like. But I’m telling you: if you have super oily/fine hair, this shampoo is worth the price. Sometimes, I can even wear my hair down two days in a row! (*gasp*)

Little Green detangler

I love using a detangler right after I shower. It makes my hair that much easier to brush out. This particular one is meant for kids, but I’m not entirely sure what gives it that title. I find that it works for my hair, nonetheless.


As my final product, I present to you my favorite thing ever: texturizing spray. I put this right under either sides of my part, and scrunch it up. It adds so much life to my thin hair. I swear, if you have thin, pancake-y hair, you need this.

That concludes my hair routine! This rarely changes (I’m very set in my ways), but if you have any suggestions for thin/fine hair, feel free to let me know in the comments!

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xoxo, Claire


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