It’s SUMMER! finally. Now that the stress of school is behind me, I can focus more on what i love to do. I have a whole lot of goals for this summer, but one of the biggest ones is to be better at sewing. I have been doing a lot of practice projects, and I thought I’d show you my favorite one.

This zipper pouch has a liner, which makes it a bit more challenging. But as long as you have a sewing machine, it shouldn’t be too hard.

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Heres what you’ll need:

  • Two 9×7 outside pieces, two 9×7 liner pieces
  • 9 in. zipper (color of choice)
  • thread that matches fabric
  • sewing machine with: normal foot and zipper foot

1. Cut 2 outside pieces, and two liner pieces. If your zipper needs to be shortened, do that as well.


Cut the pieces 9 inches wide, and 7 inches tall. I recommend measuring one piece, then using that piece as a template for the rest.


If you need to shorten your zipper, use this tutorial.


2. Sew one outside piece to the zipper.


Start by pinning the zipper down. Make sure to face the ‘good’ side of the zipper to the ‘good’ side of the fabric.

When sewing the zipper down, leave a good amount of space between the zipper teeth and your seam, to ensure that your zipper will open and close easily.



3. Sew one liner to the zipper.


This step is pretty confusing. I can’t put it into words, but you need to make the unfinished zipper bag look like a finished one ( mess around with the fabric until the zipper is on top ). Then pin the liner so it will be an invisible seam once it’s finished.

This picture isn’t great, but basically I: pinned the liner to the opposing side of the zipper that you sewed the outside onto. Then I sewed on top of my previous seam to make sure I kept a good seam allowance.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other side of the zipper.


BTW, this is what the liner/outside combo should look like.

5. Pin the liners together and the outsides together.


Zip up the zipper almost all the way, leaving a 1-2 inch space.

Pin the flaps of the zipper up towards the outside fabric. This is not necessary, but will make the finished product look much more neat.

6. Leave a 3-4 inch space in the liner fabric.



7.  Sew around the edges.


Sew with a 1/2 in. seam allowance around the edges of the bag. I recommend

doing a little bit of back-and-forth stitching over the zipper to keep it secure.

8. Pull the entire pouch through the hole in the



You have to unzip the zipper to do this.

Push the corners out.

Fold the raw edges of hole under and sew close to the edge. I would recommend using a matching thread to your liner to hid the seam.

Push the liner into the bag. Push the corners out.




Now you have a finished zipper bag! Theres lots of different variations and sizes for this bag, and I love doing different shapes.

If my tutorial was too confusing (I’m sure it was), here’s the one I based mine off of. It’s not exactly the same, but I think it’ll work really well.

I hope you enjoyed!  If you have any requests for posts, feel free to comment them!


xoxo, Claire


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