What’s a day off school with out baking? Or should I say no-baking? I’m off school today, and found myself with nothing to do. Of course, I decided to make some of my favorite no bake cookies.

These are very easy to make, and only take about 20 min. I also usually have all the ingredients in my house, so I can make them anytime.


These aren’t very healthy, but I’m sure you can switch some ingredients around if you so choose. Here’s the recipe I use: Peanut butter-chocolate no-bake cookies: Food Network

I sorta messed up with this batch, and the choco-peanutbutter mix didn’t turn out quite right, so I will tell you: make sure to keep the heat on the mix for the entire time that you make it, turning it down as soon as you start putting the cookies on they wax paper. If you don’t it turns out really dry.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading and look forward to more posts!

xoxo, Claire


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