I’ve had vision problems my whole life, but lately it’s gotten pretty bad. This is everything that’s happened:

I have something called strabismic amblyopia. It’s a form of lazy eye that happens when the muscles behind your eye don’t fully develop in the womb, ultimately leading to your brain ignoring the image coming from either one or both your eyes. It can usually be cured, as long as the right steps are taken during adolescence.

When I was four, I got glasses and had to wear and eye patch. Yes, an eye patch. Not like a pirate, but still pretty rad. Basically it kept me from going blind in my right eye.


Anyways, that pretty much solved my problem. Until a few months ago. I started getting debilitating headaches that brought me to the eye doctor about 7 times. This most recent time, she told me I needed bifocals, and I have to wear reading glasses on the rare occasions that I’m allowed to wear contacts.

I was looking for a good pair of reading glasses, and I found a great brand called eyebobs. They have super unique and trendy glasses, with narrow, average, and wide sizes. They are pretty expensive ($79.00), but they are really great quality and pretty much the trendiest glasses you can get for that low of a price.

I found an amazing pair that I love. While they aren’t everyones cup o’ tea, I LOVE them. And while this whole situation sucks for me, they’ve really made it better.

Do you have glasses/contacts? I’d love to know! And be sure to follow!

xoxo. Claire.


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