Getting through a sick day can be hard. When all that you want to do is sleep, its hard to actually get things done. This is is what I do to keep me going.


1. Tissues

This may be an obvious, but when I have a cold, the type of tissues I have makes a huge difference. I recommend ones with lotion infused, as it keeps your nose from getting too dry.

2. Water

Water helps me feel a lot better when I have a cold. Its super good to drink when you’re sick, but when you have a cold, it helps keep my throat from being scratchy and generally makes me feel better.

3. Aquaphor/Vaseline

While it may be disgusting for some people to think about, you need to keep the skin around your nose moisturized when you are constantly using tissues. I also have super sensitive skin around my nose. I love aquaphor because it feels a lot lighter than vaseline, but either are good.

4. Whatever you love to do

Doing what makes you happy when you’re sick is super important. I love to read, watch netflix, and spend time with my dog. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything too intense, but relaxing is great for your body and mind.


xoxo, Claire



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