I have always been the type of person that has to be sitting at a table to do homework or study. I just recently got a desk for my new room, and thought I’d share some of my organizational tips.


My desk is the CB2 Runway Desk. I wanted a simplistic design that still had lots of storage. Another thing I was looking for was a lacquer finish that I could easily wipe off. This desk, while expensive, fit all of that, and its super good quality. My chair is the IKEA Tobias Chair. It’s a lot more comfortable than you might think and I love how it’s clear.


I like to keep my desk clean and simple, without too many colors or objects to distract me.

I like to keep photos to add interest and bring good memories back when I’m frustrated. I have a couple pictures of my grandpas in mirror frames right now.

To keep my pencils and other supplies organized, I use this lazy susan desk organizer. It has five different compartments and four trays on the bottom. I put my pencils, highlighters, pens, scissors, and hole punch in there. I also have some post it notes in reach for taking notes and writing down random lists.


My sister got me these wall stickers a couple of years ago. It had a monthly calendar, a cork-board, a weekly planner, and a notes sticker, but I only use the last two. They don’t rip the paint off and can be moved around without losing their stick. This helps me write down everything that I need to do in the week, as well as write lists of whatever I need to do.


I hope you enjoyed! I plan on doing more organizational posts in the future, so like this post if you’d like to see more!

xoxo, Claire



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