A Day in My Food Life.

Here’s what I usually eat on a weekend day.

+ B R E A K F A S T +

Around 9 on Saturdays I eat breakfast. Its usually involves eggs, so today I had scrambled eggs, a frozen waffle with natural maple syrup, a glass of fruit juice, and cold water.

+ L U N C H +

I usually don’t eat lunch until 1. I had apples with peanut butter, raspberries, a couple pieces of salami, and a glass of milk.

+ D I N N E R +

My family does this think called Plated, which is a program that sends you recipes with exactly how much food you need to cook it. We only get meals for 2, because they’re usually pretty big, and my parents usually make my sister and I extra food. Today’s meal was stuffed acorn squash.

+ S N A C K S +


I don’t have many snacks on the weekends, but today I had some hot chocolate and raspberries because it was a super chilly day.

This is what I usually eat in a day! I hope you enjoyed, and be sure to follow  us on Instagram and Pinterest!

xoxo, HM




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