Study Tips for High School


High school is hard. Hours of studying, extracurriculars, finals. And with all of that, teens are expected to get nine hours of sleep. Here are some tips for making your schoolwork a little bit easier. Remember, everyone learns in different ways. These tips won’t work for everyone, so experiment with different ideas until you find something that works for you.



For mathematic homework, I recommend an elementary school approach. Do a problem, get a treat. Do a problem, get a treat. As for studying for tests, practice problems will be your best friend. Look back in your book, old homework, and any study guides your teacher might have provided. You’ll get to see what you know and what you have to practice.



For English vocab, flashcards are super handy. You can either make traditional notecards or use virtual ones like Quizlet. You can make your own study set, or search from millions of sets. For tests on books like To Kill a Mockingbird, many teachers give students chapter by chapter questions. Before reading each chapter, read through the questions so you know what you’re looking for. When testing time comes round, review all of these questions, and even think about re-reading the book.


World Languages

Flashcards are perfect for world languages. Repetition is essential for learning linguistic vocab. For grammar, practicing repeatedly will be your best friend. I recommend Conjuguemos for both vocab and grammar. They offer Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, and German. Duolingo is also an amazing language learning tool. They offer a bunch of languages, and are in the process of adding more. Both sites are also free.



No matter what the type of science, all the types of studying will work. But, in addition, using acronyms and hands on activities are amazing. Acting out processes with your hands will help you remember them during the test. Also, bright colors and interactive notes can also help you remember information.

I hope this helps! Even when school is incredibly challenging, and nothing seems to be going right, just remember, you will get through it. I hope these tips help that happen.

xoxo, Honeybee Magazine


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